Pet friendly travel: Hilton hotels allow cats and dogs!

Pictures_of_cat_groomed_and_posing.jpg If you've ever thought about traveling with Kitty, but don't want to stay in some of the dumps and dives out there that allow pets, finally, there's an alternative! Hilton Hotels and Resorts are going Pet Friendly this summer. You can plan your trip to include Kitty, rather than leave him at home with a petsitter. If you book you'll have to pay an extra fee, and basically take care of your pet as you normally would at home, feed, clean up, and exercise. It's just that now you get to do it while on vacation.

(I wonder if the Hiltons decided to become pet friendly to set an example for Paris Hilton, "Ok Paris, this is how you are supposed to treat animals..." They should have done this years ago!)

It seems like this service is geared more toward dogs than cats, but cats are invited, I even read the fine print to make sure. It's nice to see that hotels are becoming more open to the idea that people love their cats and want to travel with them.

When I'm away from home, the only thing I really miss is Neo. But I can't imagine what I'd do with him or what he'd be like staying a hotel. Would he like to site-see? He's leash trained so I suppose I could take him for walks, but I imagine I'll end up carrying him most of the way. I guess I could leave him in the hotel room, but then I'd feel guilty that he was there in a strange room all by himself. No, I definitely wouldn't do that, if I was going to leave him alone, I'd leave him at home with a sitter.neo talking.png

This is what I'd do, we'll go to the beach, he'd have a nice fluffy towel to sleep on, under an umbrella, I'd read a book and scratch him under the chin while he slept right beside me. When we get hot, we'll go for a dip, he's pretty good in the water, he doesn't seem to mind getting wet so a beach vacation would be perfect for us. I'll keep him on a leash and let him walk where it is safe or carry him if the area is too crowded. I think he'd be ok as long as I was with him.

But I know a lot of cats that might get too stressed out being in that kind of environment. You'll have to make the decision for yourself, if your cat is way too nervous or unpredictable, it might not be a good idea to take him vacationing. Every cat has a different temperament. My thoughts on the subject are, unless you are willing to spend some serious quality time with your cat while on vacation, it's best to leave him at home. While a resort might allow cats, it may not be the best idea for your cat.

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