June is adopt a shelter cat month, and not a moment too soon.

feral-kitten.jpgWith the steady decline in the economy, more and more people are abandoning their cats. Shelters are overflowing with cats that people can no longer care for. That's why June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month at the ASPCA. I can't imagine having to give up Neo for any reason, but the truth of the matter is that many families are having to give up their pets at a time when they need them the most.

It is in hard times that we turn to others for support, including our furry children. They offer ease from the stresses of life - a purr and a cuddle go a long way to make one feel better - but what if you couldn't afford to pay for your dear little furry friend's food, litter, and vet care? What if you had to take food off of your own plate or the plates of your biological children to feed your cat? What would you do?

Unfortunately, in these difficult economic times, people are faced with those questions and many of them are leaving their cats behind when the bank forecloses on their house, or abandoning them when they have to move into apartments that don't allow pets. Many of these cats starve to death, or forage for food in unfriendly neighborhoods and become wild.

pictures_of_wild_cats_domesicated.jpgBut there is an alternative, many food pantries and food banks are stocked with pet food. There are even pet food banks, ask your local animal shelter about pet food programs in your area. You can still get enough food to feed your cat and continue to enjoy his company a little while longer, maybe even until this crisis is over.

But if you are faced with the horrible decision to have to leave your pet behind, take your cat to your local ASPCA or cat shelter. June is adopt a cat month, so your kitty will surely find a nice home to go to if you are no longer able to care for him. You can rest assured that your cat will not starve to death, nor will it have to scrounge for food, and become a nuisance to the neighbors.

If you are not faced with this dilemma, you have the power to help others who are not as fortunate, who need your help to keep their cats. You can donate money, supplies or your time to shelters in your area. Just go to Shelter Source and see what their wish-lists are and donate what you can.

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