Is your cat meowing in the morning waking you up? Here's how you fix it...

cat-meowing-non-stop.jpgI don't know about you but nothing irritates me more than being awoken by a hungry cat. The non stop meows that won't go away until I feed my cat drive me up the wall. I can't think of a crappier way to wake up. My cat actually takes it a bit further if I don't wake up quickly. From running in and out of the bedroom quickly to playing with noisy toys on the stairwell, she'll pretty well find any activity that makes a lot of noise. After five minutes of meowing and noisy games, I'll finally drag myself out of bed. Nice. I can honestly say that this the only draw back of cat ownership. Does any of this sound familiar to you?

No worries folks, help is on the way. Read on.

According to many Feline geneticists, one remnant of a cat's wild past is the fact that they prefer to hunt at dawn and dusk. You've been woken up in the morning because your cat is genetically programmed to eat at that time.

How do you fix this? It all depends on how much your cat eats and if you're feeding them dry or wet food. It's been my experience that cat owners that feed their cats wet food suffer a lot more from the phenonemon than owners that feed their cats dry food. I feed my cat a combination of mostly wet and dry food.apple_cube_cat.jpg

To fix this problem, I place a small amount of wet food in her dish just before I go to bed around 11:30PM. I only place a little (a third of a can) because I know she won't finish the can overnight and she won't eat stale cat food the next day. For me, this solved the problem immediately.

This simple yet easy technique has saved me from getting up many mornings to feed Maddy. Now if I could only train Maddy to stop sitting on my Apple Cube (pictured) and resetting it, I'd have all of her problem fixed!

I've posted this video before but I thought Simon's cat was totally appropriate for this post. Enjoy...

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