Guest Blogger: Cortney talks about training your cats the right way...

This guest post is from our friend Cortney, you can visit her blog at cat secrets revealed...

cat-training-with-dogs.jpgTraining your cat is very important and for several different reasons. First, a cat that hasn't been trained, doesn't know what behaviors are acceptable and what are not, therefore, they are more likely to misbehave because they don't know they are misbehaving. Having a trained, well behaved cat allows the cat and the owner to bond and have a loving relationship rather than having a misbehaving cat that causes its owner a lot of stress and frustration.

It is very important, as a cat owner, to understand that cats cannot be trained the same way as dogs. They don't behave the same way and they don't have the same thinking process as dogs. If you are trying to use the same training techniques on your cat that are designed for dogs, you probably aren't going to see results. Forcing training techniques on a cat will not work. They are stubborn by nature and if it's not something that is appealing to them, they are going to ignore you.

The first step to training your cat should be to learn and understand your cat's personality. There are many aspects to your cat's personality and they should all be taken into account when choosing the right training tactics. Find out what your cat's likes and dislikes are and use that information to help you. There are a few simple tips to keep in mind when training your cat:

  • Keep your training sessions short. If you drag out sessions for a long time, your cat will most likely become bored and will stop listening.
  • Only start training session when your cat is already awake. Don't wake your cat up for a session because he or she will probably just ignore you.
  • Always be sure to reward your cat for obeying you, using treats, food, or showing them affection.
  • You should also only train your cat for one thing at a time. Whether you are teaching them to do tricks or use the human toilet rather than a litter box, you shouldn't try to teach them everything all at once. When you're training your cat, let them master one thing before moving on to another. This will avoid both you and them becoming overwhelmed.

    There are many benefits to having a well trained, well behaved cat. You will have less stress because you won't have to worry about how your house is going to look when you get home. You can enjoy a loving relationship with your cat instead of spending most of the time mad at him for misbehaving. Taking the time to train your cat will definitely pay off in the long run and you and your cat will both be happier.

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