Christian the Lion hugs his human friends after being in the wild for a year - true story (video)

Christian_WithGeorge_Color.jpgThese two guys, Ace and John bought a lion cub from Herod's of London in the 1960's and named him Christian. But Christian, although quite tame, got too big and British officials would not allow them to keep him. So with the help of George Adamson, the first human to establish the idea of wildlife conservations, they took him to Africa to learn how to live in the wild at Kora National Park.

Now this story is already pretty interesting, in the 60's apparently you could buy a wild animal at a department store and take him home with you. But the story gets even better, after this lion was taken out to Africa, and was taught how to be a wild cat, Ace and John went back to Africa to see him. They were told by George, the man who trained him to be wild, that he had not been seen for 9 months. Which means that Christian has fully adapted to life in the wild. They were told that Christian won't remember the two men because it had been so long since he saw them last.

reunion1_t.jpgHere is where it gets really interesting. The night before John and Ace were to arrive at the camp out side the conservation area where Christian now lived, Christian, his lionesses and their cubs all showed up at the camp. Christian was waiting for John and Ace on top of a rock! According to George Adamson, who spent significant time with lions in the wild, he believed that lions have a mysterious, telepathic communication ability with humans. This was proof of that, Christian, who had no reason to come back to camp, returned with his pride to meet with his human friends.

This video shows Ace and John meeting with Christian and you can actually see Christians face change when he sees his old friends, then he runs to them and embraces them. This video shows the human like emotions that a lion is capable of feeling. Apparently, after the video, the three friends hung out at camp until the middle of the night when Christian returned to his pride leaving Ace and John exhausted.

Read the full story, complete with quotes and facts Christian, the lion who lived in my London living room. I'm trying to get a copy of the full length DVD - but for now, I've found video clips of the movie. Christian, the lion who thought he was people.

Look for the part when the lion first spots them at 0:35 secs. He recognizes Ace and John immediately! Then as he runs to them, you can almost feel Christian's excitement!

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Jason Carpp said:

I find it incredible that a wild animal such as a lion, particularly after being in the wild for almost a year, would remember the people who cared for him, let alone lovingly hug them like long-lost firends. When I first saw the video, I thought "this has to be a hoax. I can't imagine anything like that happening.". But at the same time, watching the video looked as real as any I've ever seen. In fact, I was so moved by the video, particularly with Whitney Houston's song "I will always love you", I just broke down crying.

Melina K. said:

Very cool.

Daza said:

i love christian he is so cute and i have the book of him and i am nearly on the tenth 1 page to go and it was amazing when he notice john and ace me and my mum was crying.

from Daza

majo said:

Maybe they are suppose to be pilots, either way I am excited. I’m glad its not another live video http://rapid4me.com/?q=video

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