Catnip, is it good or bad for your cat?

Figuring out if it makes sense to give your cat cantip or not? Here's a couple of factors to consider:

  • Catnip has a chemical compound that is thought to mimic the effects of a pheromone.
  • The effect catnip has on cats is similar to what LSD does to humans. (without the harmful effects)
  • Catnip is a perennial herb that is now native (originally from the Mediterranean region) to Canada and America.
  • If you live in certain climates, you can actually grow cat nip in your garden. Like Mint, if you're not careful, it will take over your garden.
  • Up to 30% of cats feel no effect from the plant. Some young kittens and senior kittens do not respond to it at all.
  • Although it is said that catnip is chemically related to the cannabis plant, your cats will not be harmed by it and will not become addicted to it.
  • So if you have a young kitten or an older cat, there's a chance that your cat may not feel the effects. The bottom line is that catnip is not harmful to your cat in any way. I'll actually be giving my cat catnip for the first time next week, I'll post the video for you guys to see its effects. In the mean time, check out this YouTube video showing cats on catnip. It's pretty funny actually.

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