California Teens hand raising feral kittens that are ready for adoption!

Swan_lake_picture_of _feral_kitten.jpgSwan Lake in California is home to hundreds of feral cats. Some have been abandoned by their humans and some are feral and have formed a colony there. But this isn't a sad story about feral cats, this story will have a happy ending because of some wonderful cat lovers who have opened their homes to these cats.

Two teens in California, Elizabeth Lloyd and Devon Powell with the help of their parents and Corona residents Beth Kohler and Ray Deese have taken in dozens of strays and feral cats. They have also paid out of pocket expenses to have the sick ones cared for and all of them spayed or neutered.

Swan_Lake_pictures_of_orphaned_kitten.jpgThe group has worked tirelessly to trap and rehabilitate kittens and older cats. The kittens and the tame adult cats are available for adoption for a fee of $25.00, which will be returned to you once you show proof you've had your adopted kitten neutered.

Visit Teens Helping Adopt Needy KatS to see the cats for adoption, fill out an application form and sign the adoption contract. You can donate money, time or supplies to help these good people and their sweet little feral cats. If you would like to make a donation to help cover the costs of spaying and neutering, contact AAA Animal Hospital in Corona at 951-371-7117 and tell them your donation is for the Swan Lake Account. Every little bit helps so donate whatever you can.

In addition to helping these cats, the group is working with Alley Cat Allies, and the Riverside Department of Animal Services. Their goal is to have a trap neuter, return program for the other wild cats so they will live out their days wild and free at Swan Lake. They are waiting to hear from Swan Lake management - I'm not sure why they didn't already approve. Trap, Neuter, Release programs are the only way to successfully take care of feral cats humanely.

It makes me so happy to see stories like this about good people making an effort to help cats rather than bulldozing right over feral cats or paying residents to kill feral cats when in fact, feral cats exist because of humans. Keep up the good work, Kudos from FaceKitty!


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Alma Hahn said:

I just found 3 feral kitten but have no time to domesticate them due to long hours at work. Do you know someone who can take them in and tame them. I don't want them going to a shelter because they are not yet adoptable and do not want them euthanized! they are so adorable and need someone to hold them often. I wish I had the time but I don't I took them in because I didn't want them getting killed by the cars on my street. Please let me know if you can help. I am also interested in donating to anyone who can help.

Thank you for your time
Alma and Nikki Hahn

Melanie said:

Hi Alma and Nikki,

Thank you for taking in those kittens, simply being around people will help them socialize. Where are you located? There are several places that specialize in feral cats and kittens. Maybe one of them is in your area. Some organizations have foster homes that can care for the kittens until they are of adoption age. There are many places out there to provide information for caring for feral cats, but most of them don't provide shelter for ferals. Here are some places that may be able to shelter your ferals. But you'll have to contact local shelters, they will be able to direct you to cat sanctuaries or places that socialize feral kittens. Even if there isn't one in your state, it is a good idea to contact them because they may have a foster home in your area.

PurrfectPals the largest cat-only adoption organization and shelter.

Animal Talk Rescue has over 400 foster homes that can care for your kitten.

Here are some tips on caring for ferals if you decide to keep them with you and maybe get a neighborhood teen or child to come over and play with them when you are at work.

Fix Our Ferals Caring for kittens.

Feral Cat Coalition Taming kittens.

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