Auckland Zoo's 3 Sumatran Tiger Cubs (video)

You may have heard that the Sumatran Tiger is on the endangered species list and is expected to become extinct by 2020. But thanks to Molek, the female Sumatran tiger at the Auckland Zoo, the Sumatran Tiger Population increased by 3 cubs less than a week ago. The zoo had 2 Sumatran tigers, Molek and a male named Oz who is the father of the cubs. Now they have 5 healthy and happy Sumatran tigers.

The keepers have stayed away from Molek and her cubs for the past week so that they will have a chance to bond. But yesterday, the keepers went inside the tiger enclosure to get the first footage of the tiger cubs. Molek is a very confident and content mom as you can see in this video.

The Auckland Zoo has a Web Camera they call a CubCam so you can watch them grow and interact with each other and their mom. Read more about New Zealand zoo reports birth of 3 rare Sumatran tiger cubs.


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