African lion cub owner intends to charge Granby Zoo with theft..

boomer-african-lion-cat-picture-granby-zoo.jpgDennis Day wants to charge the Granby Zoo with theft within ten days according to his statement to the media. "When the 10 Mr. Days is up on this letter, we're going to have them charged with theft," said Dennis Day.

For those of you who missed it, Boomer (an African Lion cub) gained worldwide exposure for getting loose in a small First Nation Reserve called Maniwaki in Quebec. The lion cub was ultimately found but was not returned to Mr. Day. As we blogged about in a previous post, the Quebec Ministry of Natural Resources placed the lion in the Granby Zoo.

According to what I've read, it seems that Mr. Day is threatening legal action against the wrong principal. His beef should probably be taken up with the Quebec government.

Boomer is apparently still in quarantine but is doing very well. It's going to be interesting to see how this domesticated lion will adjust to living with real wild lions. Not sure if he's got a shot there but we'll see...

Just when you thought this story was done, another wrinkle appears. I've contacted the Granby Zoo about possibly getting some pictures and a more recent update on Boomer. Stay tuned!

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