24 Orlando pet cats go missing. Stupid resident still leaves her cats out!

Picture-34.jpgAnother reason to keep your cats indoors! Residents near the Orlando Airport have reported that their cats have gone missing. A mysterious animal caught on tape could be the reason. The animal looks like a coyote or feral dog. Coyotes have been known to hunt down cats for food.

Surprisingly, the resident interviewed by Local 6, Leah Smith said she still leaves her kittens outside even though 24 cats in her area have disappeared. "Our older cats stay indoors now," Smith said. "The kittens don't roam around but we do check everyday to make sure we've got everybody back on the front porch."

What? you check every day? a lot can happen to a kitten in 24 hrs! is she crazy? The last thing I would do if there was a cat eating animal in my neighborhood is leave my cats outside! A kitten is just an appetizer, if the coyote finds more than one in her backyard, well it is just a buffet dinner of furry cuteness! What is she thinking?

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