UPDATE! Lost african lion in maniwaki, quebec found!

lion-found-maniwaki.jpgWell an incredible story comes to a happy end. The lost wild African Lion named Boomer was found today by the Quebec Provincial police. Apparently the six month old lion was found near the the highway. A lady luckily saw him and called in the sighting. Great news.

One spokesperson for the Quebec Provincial Policed said, "We're really glad he didn't eat anyone. That would have changed everything." No seriously, all officials were glad that the situation ended well.

According to the officers, the lion was not aggressive. No one was injured during the retrieval process. Apparently the lion was easily coaxed into a the back of the police officer's car. Boomer caused some slight damage to the upholstery in police officer's truck.

Boomer was tired and scared. Chief McGregor provided dinner (four steaks) for Boomer.

The lion was in police custody this morning and had his paw prints taken. Another lame joke, sorry. Boomer is now in the custody of the Quebec Natural Resources Ministry and they have already started the process of finding a new home for him. We'll keep you updated on the situation.

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