Toronto starts annual cat adopt-a-thon

toronto_adopt_cat.jpgWell as a proud Torontonian, I have to salute the good people at the Toronto Humane Society. Throughout the month of May(May 10th to May 21), the Humane Society will be trying to find permanent homes for 100 dogs and 300 cats.

Lee Olver of the Toronto Humane Society said, "Imagine your in your dentist's waiting room for six months, that is the life they have. Everything is there but they are not getting love and affection."

The Toronto Humane Society can be found on 11 River Street (map) in Toronto and they can be reached by dialing (416) 392-2273. Their normal hours of operation are between 11:00 AM and 7:00 PM. All fees related to the adoption of these cats and dogs are waived during this period.

As someone who has adopted a cat from the Toronto Humane Society, I can tell you that all of their cats are incredibly well taken care of. C'mon, go ahead and do it! I know you want to. Start living the life that others dream of. A cat changes everything!

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