Sickness in Cats from Fleas

If you suspect a sickness in your cats from fleas, consult your Vet immediately because fleas can kill! They don't all attack at once, and then your cat is dead. But rather over a short span of time, they can suck enough blood from your cat that your cats is weakened and can die. If your cat is seriously infested with fleas, the death is a slow and painful one, so please get treatment quickly.


This is the part that is a little scary, you may not even know that your cat has fleas. Fleas irritate the skin but unless there is an allergy to the flea bite, you won't see your cat scratching. Your cat could be dying and you won't even know it!

Common sickness in cats from fleas include Dermatitis, Anemia, Parasites, and Tapeworm. All potentially life-threatening for your cat.


Dermatitis - itchy, irritated skin caused by allergies to flea bites. This only shows up if your cat has an allergy, or if the infestation is really, really bad.

Anemia - loss of blood causes sickness in cats from fleas. Your cat gets weak and lethargic, but by this time it could be too late to reverse the damage. Your vet might have to do a blood transfusion to save your cat.

Parasites - Fleas are parasites, but they carry other parasites that get into your cat's blood and cause a life threatening condition called Feline Infectious Anemia.

Tapeworms - Fleas can also cause a tapeworm infection by carrying tapeworm eggs from an infected animal to your cat.

Check your cat every time he comes in from outside and see your Vet if you suspect fleas!

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