Outdoor cats die young.


In the last month, I have seen three dead cats on the road…to me three cats ending up as road kill…. that’s a little disturbing.

Cats are very good at keeping themselves alive in adverse situations, but it’s when they make a little mistake….when they’re frightened or distracted….that’s what ends their lives.

They run out into the road while chasing a squirrel…or fall off the fence while stalking a bird…or make a wrong turn while being chased by a dog. That’s when they become road kill. Three cats in one month in my small community….hmmm… that’s three too many.

Then you see the little kid handing out posters that say, have you seen my cat? and it breaks your heart.

Most of the cats that end up dead haven't learned fear, so they trust that the car will stop or that group of angry people won't hurt him, but it never works out that way. There are so many instances of weirdos hurting cats.

So keep your cat indoors. I don’t think it is cruel to keep Neo indoors. I know he’ll be there when I get home at night and he’ll wake me up in the morning asking for breakfast. I know he's safe.


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