Not so fast! I want my lion cub back...

boomer-maniwaki-cat-caged.jpgJust when you thought this interesting story was done, a new development emerges. For those of you who may have missed it, a wild africa lion cub named Boomer went missing from a First Nation reserve near Maniwaki Quebec. It turns out that the cub was fairly domesticated and the cat was easily recaptured within a day of being missing.

boomer-wild-african-lion-cub.jpgBoomer was transferred from the provincial police to the Quebec Natural Resources Ministry. The ministry decided that the best place for the lion cub was at the Granby Zoo just east of Montreal. According to Mr. Dennis Day of Cobden, ON (about a 100 kms west of Ottawa) the cat technically belongs to him and he will fight to get him back. “Boomer’s not going to a zoo. They’ve got to come through me before they do that,” he said and he also indicated that he's speaking to a lawyer to get some more advice on the situation. “I still own this cat. This cat was only being babysat."

Mr. Day indicated that the reason why Boomer was in Maniwaki was because of an incident in his home involving the lion. Boomer scratched the daughter of a woman that was staying at Mr. Day's home which prompted the girl's father to call the Ontario health officials. Fearing that his children might be taken away (gee, I wonder why?) from him by Child Protection Services, Mr. Day logically gave the lion to his friend Stanley Whiteduck who has never dealt with a lion before and has no formal training to deal with this type of animal. Make sense? Mr. Day probably should have given Mr. Whiteduck a proper restraint to hold the cub because the arrangement obviously didn't work very well! My question is, how exactly do you compensate a friend for taking care of a wild african lion? Is it like $25 a day? Is there danger pay? Better yet, how do you ask your friend to take care of your wild lion?!boomer-at-home.jpg

All joking aside, how are private individuals obtaining animals like wild lions that pose a significant danger to our communities? We can all laugh about it now, but for a little over a day, this lion cub had the whole community of Maniwaki captive.

This story isn't over yet, Mr. Day appears to be ready to have his day in court to fight for his lion back. Stay tuned.

source: CBC News

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