Japanese zoo breeds an asiatic lion

In what is a truly remarkable story. A Japanese Zoo in Yokohma has bread a rare sub-species of lion. As mentioned earlier in a previous post (12 cats that will be extinct by 2020), the Asiatic Lion is known to have only 350 individuals left.

The Asiatic Lion only exists in a remote forest in the state of Gujarat, India. According Kishore Kotecha of the Wildlife Conservation Trust, "The Asiatic Lion faces many threats like genetic bottle neck, loss of habitat, forest land encroachment, maldharis inside the park, religious places in the middle of the park, roads through protected areas, man-animal conflict etc. But the biggest threat is Open Wells surrounding Gir forest. In about five years time, 25 lions died by accidentaly falling in such open wells. (Open wells are 60 -100 feet deep dug by farmers for water for irrigation and cattle.)" Clearly the odds are against this beautiful animal.

Hopefully this story demonstrates what will be a hopeful future for the Asiatic Lion.

For more information about the Asiatic Lion, please visit

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Wendell Thanks for the story on Asiatic Lions.

I am looking for contact details of Zookeeper of Yokohoma Zoo - Japan where the asiatic lion cub is born. Please let me know by chance if you have it.
Kishore Kotecha

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