Cat urine outside the litter box?


If your cat is urinating or defecating outside the litter box, you have to ask, What is your cat trying to tell you?

It seems that cats are forever blamed for their smelly urine. But the truth of the matter is, if cats are spraying or going outside their litter boxes it is not their fault, it is just a way for them to communicate that there is an issue that needs resolving.

Cats don’t spray to be irritating nor do they go outside the litter box just to make a mess, cats spray because they have a need to mark their territory or sometimes even because the litter box doesn’t get cleaned out often enough. And in the case of my cat Neo, he just has poor aim.

Be gentle with your cat

It does not help to put the cat’s nose into it, or yell or hit or scold the cat. That usually makes the situation worse. The best thing to do is find the root cause of the problem. Maybe your cat needs to see the vet? Tell the vet about the problem, they might find a medical condition that is causing it.

Cat psychology is a very complicated thing too. It could be that the litter box is not in an ideal location, too much traffic or no privacy, or too close to other cats, or an open window where they can see other cats.

Reasons your cat might spray outside the litter box:


• An infection or some other physical problem – ask your vet.

• The litter box needs cleaning – scoop daily. Cats are very clean animals and will look for a clean place to go if their litter box is not cleaned out often enough.

• The litter box needs a good washing - use a mild detergent or warm soapy water to wash it out at least once a month.

• Location is not ideal – move the litter box away from windows, family traffic and other situations that might make your cat nervous. Noise, light and vibrations are a no-no.

• New additions to your family – cats need even more loving when there is a new family member or new pet added to the household. And they need one new litter box for every cat in the house. I'm serious, if you have three cats, you should have three litter boxes.

• Change the type of litter you use – cats are very sensitive and cat react to smells and irritants by peeing in inappropriate places. Especially with the different litters on the market that mask odors, are dusty or change color, all of them contain many toxic irritants that can be a problem for your cat.

Cats are clean animals so if they are spraying or peeing outside their litter box, there is an issue you need to find.


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Stef said:

For such adorable creatures it's hard to believe they can create SUCH a problem!

There are 3 issues with cats urinating outside their litter box...

1. Why is puss doing this
2. How to stop this new behaviour
3. How to clean up the little 'treats' puss is leaving.

You should always get your cat checked with a vet for this kind of behaviour - that should be the first thing you do.

That could possibly give the solution to #2.

To clean the cat urine you should never use bleach or ammonia. And never RUB! You need a good enzymatic cleaner that will remove urine crystals.

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