Cat collar not good enough for your cat? How 'bout some bling?!

jari-cat-collar.jpgIs your cat special enough to spend 10,000 British Pounds on a cat collar? The people at Jari Jewellery are certainly hoping so.

Jari Jewellery is designed for the distinguished cat that must have it all. The collars are all custom made and are of the finest materials. To be honest, I can't believe the level of detail that claim to have. According to their website, you will consult with an award winning jewllery designer that will help you design a custom collar for your special feline. My only question is, how do you ask your cat what he or she likes? What happens if your cat doesn't like the collar? Can you return it? At 10,000 British Pounds or more, I'm sure even the most picky cat will like their custom made collar.

Do you think your cat has model material? If you do, why not enter your cat in the Face of Jari Competition? It's quite simple, your cat must have the looks that compliment an incredibly expensive diamond studded collar in a photo shoot. If I just described your cat, visit here to suibmit your cat. The winner will receive a one year model contract! Hurry, you only have until May 31st, 2008. Good luck!

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