Beware of cats sign in Turin Italy!

Yield to the cats! Have you ever seen a sign like this before? I sure haven't. Apparently in Turin Italy cats have their own street sign. This image was taken by Alex Lirus and shows the special status cats given to cats in the Italian city. I wonder if the nutoriosly fast drivers in Italy actually pay attention to the sign? The funny thing is that there isn't one cat in the picture!

If anyone has any comments or background information on this sign, feel free to comment below.


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Mauro said:

I live in Turin, and I know exactly where the sign is located…I think is a bit funny, but let me explain : the street in the photo is along the railway, with a lot of work in progress. The build on the right lodges a catlike colony; I think they are not that stupid to walk along the street…is just a warning for the people (Italy is 1500 Km long...Turin is close to France..many differences in people, places, lifestyle);
I drove along the Great Ocean Road in Australia for 1000 miles…with a lot of “strange” signs (echidna, kangaroos, etc..), but I never saw one of those animals along that road :-)

Nice to meet you...and your "love" for'll find some photo-albums about them on my personal area in webshots;

just two examples:my "family"

a famous "colony" in Rome


wendell said:

Hi Mauiro! Thanks for your comments and thanks for explaining the sign.

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