Avoiding sickness in cats from fleas: How to check your cat's fur for fleas.


Because fleas cause illnesses that can kill your cat (see my previous post called sickness in cats from fleas) its a good idea to check your cats regularly. Unless you check, you may not even know your cat has fleas until it's too late.

I thought my vet was crazy when he checked Neo for fleas, because

Neo is an indoor cat who occasionally goes outside. (I am always outside with him and he wears a harness and a leash so he won't get too far).

But my vet, Dr. Vandenbrink, is an amazing vet with lots of experience and he told me that fleas love climate controlled environments and will ride in on clothes, shoes, bags, anything that goes in and out of your house. Then its just a hop, skip and jump to the cat and there you have it. A flea infestation!

To avoid sickness in cats from fleas, get into the habit of checking for fleas once a month at least. Here's how you do it.

1. Get a fine tooth comb, a really fine toothed comb is necessary - more on that later.


2. Spread out a large white fabric sheet or piece of paper.

3. Set your cat on the white sheet.

4. Slowly comb your cat's fur in several different places. Including the base of the tail and the belly.

5. Check the comb for small dark specs.

6. Check the white sheet for small dark specs.

The small dark specs are eggs and small fleas. If you see anything like that, get your cat to the vet right away. The faster you act the better your chances of avoiding sickness in your cat from fleas.

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