Are visitors to your house greeted by the smell of cat urine?


Most people don’t realize how easy it is to get rid of cat urine odors by using cat urine cleaning products you can find around your home.

There are several cat urine cleaning products on the market today. But before you invest in cat urine cleaning products, try this home remedy.

A lesson in Acids and Bases

Think back to grade school science. Most stains, dirt and grime is a base and the only way to clean a base is to use a base. So most cleaners are bases. But urine is an acid, so the cleaner you use needs to be an acid too. Plain White Vinegar goes a long way to getting rid of urine stains and odors.

A three-step solution to cat urine odor:

• Dilute it and Mop it up. The best thing to do for fresh or wet urine is to dilute it with water and mop up as much as you can. I use disposable, compostable paper towels that you can throw into your compost or green bin. The benefit is you don’t get your mop smelling like urine, which can transfer to other floors.


• Vinegar and Water. For older urine spots or after you wipe it up with water, you should use plain white vinegar diluted with water. Spray or pour it onto the area and wipe it away or soak it up. Do this a few times and cover an area wider than the stain itself. You should notice a significant reduction in the smell of urine.

• Check the spot with a black light. If the spot is still there it will show up under the black light. If it still shows up you’ll have to use a heavy duty cleaner. Why? Because if you can still see it with the black light, then your cats can still smell it. The funny thing about cats is if they can still smell it, then they think it is okay to keep peeing there. So you have to get rid of the spot completely.

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