8 tips for keeping your indoor cat safe


These tips will keep you and your cat living safely together.

8. Put the lid down on your toilet. YOur cat will want to drink and may fall in or be poisoned by your toilet cleaning supplies. Don't be lazy, put out fresh water in a bowl beside your cat's food.

7. Keep the doors to appliances closed. If your cat jumps into the dryer and falls asleep, then you come along and turn the dryer on, you'll give new meaning to the extra fluffy cycle. Not to mention you could seriously injure your cat.

6. Lit candles are exciting to cats, but the flame can burn their fur or whiskers or the cat could knock them down and start a fire. Keep them out of reach or don't leave your candles unattended, even for a minute.

5. If you have kids your house should be baby-proofed, if you don't, you need to baby/cat-proof your house. That means no medicine, cleaning supplies, chemicals or toxins out where your cat can find them.


4. Cats love shopping bags, plastic, paper, with a handle, without... but they are all dangerous. Cats can suffocate or get wrapped up in loose cords and choke to death. Not so fun after that.

3. Make sure open windows have proper screens to protect your cat from a nasty fall. I know cats are supposed to fall on their feet, but don't test that theory by leaving a window uncovered by a screen.

2. Cats will chew cords for T.V.'s, computers, hair dryers, ... any electrical cord is dangerous, one little bite could cost your cat his life.

1. Strings and yarn may seem like a great toy for a cat, but because of their barbed tongues, cats can't spit the cord out, it can only go in and so they chew and swallow and lick and it goes further and further down their throats, if you are lucky the cat eventually throws up, but if not, your cat could suffocate or choke or suffer intestinal damage.


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