5 tips for helping your really fat cat get healthy


We all make fun of really fat cats. They are cute and lazy and we love them. But really fat cats are not happy, healthy cats. As a matter of fact, really fat cats are prone to diseases that can shorten their lives. Diabetes, hear disease, cancer, all those horrible diseases are much more common in really fat cats than in slimmer, healthier cats.

If you truly want your cat to slim down, there are several ways to help them that doesn't require starving them or buying a kitty treadmill. But don't expect weight loss to happen too quickly, cats can safely lose about 1lb per month. Any more than that and your cat might not be healthy.

So here is how you can help your really fat cat get healthy:

1. Switch from dry cat food to canned cat food is the first step. Dry cat food has been known to cause obesity because of its high grain and filler content and not enough protein.

2. Fresh water every day is a must. Your cat may not drink that much, but having a clean fresh bowl of water ready when your cat does decide to take a drink will be very helpful. Water helps keep tummies full so they don't eat as much, and it helps digestion so their bodies can absorb more nutrients.

3. Don't starve your cat, but if you leave the food in the bowl all day and let him come and eat whenever he wants, you might want to stop that. Some cats, like people, eat out of boredom, they'll wander by the food and take a bite or two even when they are not hungry. So having designated feeding times is a really good way to start limiting extra calories. Set the food out in the morning and again at night for 20-30 minutes each time. Cats seem to need to eat twice a day and they usually eat their fill within 20-30 minutes, so after that time has passed put the food away.


4. Get some exciting toys for your cat and play with him. Cats are very intelligent, and if they don't get stimulation regularly, they kind of show signs of depression. They don't get up and run around, just stare out the window and watch the world go by. But spending time playing with your cat and the new toys will go a long way to getting some much needed exercise for your cat (and you too!).

5. If you have to be away all day, leave your cat access to a window that overlooks a busy street or yard, cars, birds, and activity will keep your cat thinking about things other than food.


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