Why Groom your Cat?


It's a myth that because cats clean themselves, they don't need to be groomed. If you have a Sphinx or a cat with VERY short hair, maybe that's true. But for cats with short, medium length or long fur, grooming has benefits greater than just giving them pretty fur.

One obvious benefit is a huge reduction in shedding, if you comb your cat regularly, you'll notice way less fur left on your clothes and on the couch.

Another benefit is a huge reduction in fur balls your cat coughs up. I don't know about you, but I had the unfortunate experience of stepping on one of Neo's with bare feet and it left a lasting impression, let me tell you. The soggy, matted, sausage shaped fur ball felt like I was stepping on some sort of rodent or reptile. Not a feeling I wish to repeat, so I comb Neo regularly now. I like to comb Neo once a week, more often when he is shedding in early spring.


But the best benefit of all is the bonding that develops between you and your cat when you are combing him. Seriously. Even the most cranky cat learns to love grooming. Neo has always loved being combed and now he moves around and offers different body parts for me to comb - he loves his head combed, he's gotta look good!


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