The real reason why people hate the Canadian seal hunt and why cats get no love...

cat_fur_trade_pelts.jpgBeing a Canadian, I'm accustomed to reading and seeing various protests against the Canadian Seal Fur trade every year. This year is no exception, throughout the blogosphere, print media and tv, images and video are shown of Canadian hunters thumping baby seals on the head and then proceeding to remove the pelt off of the animal.

Do I agree with the killing baby seals? Absolutely not. I think it's a barbaric senseless act and I can truly say it's the one thing about Canada that I'm not proud to be part of. Having said that, the seal hunt in Canada is closely regulated, from the time of year, to the numbers of seals, to the methods of execution and fur removal. All aspects of the hunt have laws and most hunters follow them.

Every year PETA and HSUB get up in arms about the Canadian seal hunt and manage to get millions in dollars in donations from a captive marked fueled by news reports and videos of baby seals being slain.

But there are some countries out there (Russia, Norway and Greenland) where the rules and regulations are not followed as closely. Why aren’t there protests about the conditions surrounding those seal hunts? You can’t protest the Canadian seal hunt where it’s relatively humane and not see a difference between Canada and those countries where in some cases, the seal is still alive when the fur is being torn off of his body.

My theory about the Canadian Seal Hunt is fairly simple. People protest it and hate it largely because baby seals are so cute. People don't like to see cute animals die even if it’s a humane death. Which brings me to my point. I think people, in general don’t find cats cute.

I make this assessment based upon the fact that every day cats are tortured and killed for their fur too but in large, most people don't know about the Cat Hunt. And they don’t seem to care that every year, more cats are hunted for their fur than seals.cat_fur_pelts_china_al.jpg

Currently there are over two million dogs and cats each year that are killed mainly in countries like China, the Philippines, Thailand and Switzerland. The Canadian Seal Hunt has a season and then its over. But cats are hunted all year round and in most cases the deaths are not humane, by any definition. And the torturing and suffering of the cat before the fur is ripped from its body is mind bobbling.

I truly believe if seals looked like cats, fewer people would care. How do I know this? With the exception of a couple of limited protests by the PETA people, Cat Hunt crimes go mostly unnoticed.

Part of the problem is throughout history; cats have been hunted for their fur. It was documented in 1127, AD in the Westminster Church Council records that nuns were permitted to wear cat fur because it was so common. The saying, “there are many ways to skin a cat” originated in the Middle Ages and is still used today.cat_fur_trade_pelt_2.jpg

Here are some other interesting facts that you may or may not know about the cat fur trade:

- Cat fur is virtually indistinguishable from other furs once its cut and died. This probably explains why many retailers in the United States, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy and Spain routinely sell toys, gloves and jackets that are made from cat fur but call it something else.

- Many countries (including the United States) do not require a label explaining the type of fur used if the item retails for less than $150. Products that sell for less than this set amount are a prime target for cat fur.

- Unlike the Canadian seal fur trade, the cat fur trade is not regulated at all. If the cats are killed before skinning, they are killed inhumanely by electrocution (electrodes in the mouth and anus), gassing, lethal injection and simple neck breaking. But most cats are skinned alive.

- In China, there are no laws governing cruelty to cats. It's perfectly legal to remove cats from the street and take them to mass slaughter houses where they are hung and skinned alive, then thrown onto a pile of skinless live cats. If they don’t die by the time the skinning is over, they are incinerated alive, or butchered for their meat.

- Beijing has over a 100 restaurants that specialize in serving cat meat. Many of the cats used in meals are formerly owned cats (over 150 family cats go missing every month in Beijing) or feral cats. The Chinese government has intentions of hiding this from Western media during the Olympics by having these restaurants remove the cat meat dishes from their menus.

- It's not uncommon for people to lose their domestic cats in Switzerland, as it's completely legal to shoot a cat as long as it's 200 yards from its home even if it belongs to your neighbor. Even residents of neighboring France complain about the fact that many of their cats go missing due to legal Swiss cat hunting.

- Cat fur is exported to the United States from countries like Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

cat fur trade.jpgWould all of this happen if cats were as cute as seals? I don’t think so. So while it's a shame that over 300 000 baby seals will be brutally murdered, let's not forget about the over one million cats that will die a horrible death this year.

Again, I don’t agree with the seal hunt, but the reality is that there is a market for fur. Until that market disappears, the Canadian Seal hunt and the Underground Cat Hunt will go on. This is the reality that you, me, and all the protestors out there can't change.

If you want to come down on someone, come down on the people wearing the fur. The European Fur Trade, the ones fueling the Seal Hunt and the Cat Hunt as well as the hunting of other animals including, fox, dogs, snakes, and the list goes on.

Cats feel pain the same way you and I do. And personally, I think cats are pretty cute too.

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Ilikepussy said:

I have eaten cat meat. It's delicious.

I have eaten seal meat. It's delicious.

Once in Uganda, I ate monkey meat. It was delicious.

I once saw a starving child die in his mothers arms at the side of a road in a refugee camp I visited in Northern Ethiopia.

If she had the choice between giving the boy some cat meat to eat to survive or preventing cruelty to the animal, I know what she would have chosen.

I think Peta and everybody else who gets all sentimental about animal suffering should open to their eyes to the untold human suffering on this planet caused by starvation.

Peta members deserve to starve to death and freeze their asses off if they care more about animals than humans.

They are fucking warm and well-fed hypocrites

anon said:

Their is a big difference in what peta is trying to stop and what you are commenting on. Killing an animal for eating is not the same as killing 1 million cats just for there fur. If I was in the jungle or forest starving hell I would kill anything in sight and eat it.

I would imagine you feel the same way. In the early days the americans used to kill millions of buffalo which was the indians food the indians would use every part of the animal from the heart down to the bones to make glue etc.. as the americans would kill them just for there fur. This is wrong as now this animal is extinct due to this, the info about the indians is in context with your starving child story.

Killing animals for no reason other than ripping there fur off leaving the cat to die is wrong and should be stopped if possible. If those million cats where eating or fed to other animals for food then it wouldn't be such an issue I would think?

Lets see what you would do If I picked up old blue removed his fur and left his carcas on your lawn with a note saying "Dont be such a prick" see what you would do ?

Ilikepussyisabeotchass said:

Apparently, killing cats and dogs is the only way to put an end to global hunger. Either we torture pets or watch Ethiopians go limp with hunger. That obviously flies in the face of all the surplus meat and grain we have here in the west, not just because it patently false, but because it's an extreme sentiment that defies careful thought. It's the argument that would be expected from a desperate cave-dweller if he had the inexplicable ability to speak, or type, or pay the requisite fees for entry into online discussions. I'm troubled by the number of cavemen with internet access. Perhaps it's high time we discover a new transfer medium.

Rob Thomas said:

I have to call CRAP on this. Really. The person who made this up does NOT HAVE A CLUE.

Item 1: they are killed inhumanely by electrocution (electrodes in the mouth and anus)

OK. Seriously. Whoever wrote that has never tried to hold a cranky cat, have they? Seriously you're not going to plunge a wire into it's arse and it's mouth without a significant fight. If they ARE being electrocuted, would be far easier to electrocute them as they do with sheep, in that slaughterhouse vid that was around a couple of months ago.

Gassing, or Lethal Injection

Neck Breaking. Again. Cats have teeth and claws. There are easier ways to do it.

Item 2: (china, taken to) mass slaughter houses where they are hung and skinned alive

Uh. Seriously. You don't think skinning a cat alive will have something to say about it? You HAVE to hang a creature by it's back legs to skin it properly.. How are you planning to hold it's front legs steady to skin it? (Hint: You can't)

Item 3: Beijing has over a 100 restaurants that sell Cat meat dishes ... over 150 family cats go missing every month in Beijing

From that you're meant to assume that out of a population of 17.43 million people (which is only a little bit behind the ENTIRE POPULATION OF AUSTRALIA), ONLY 100 cats a month get lost/stolen/hit by cars or eaten? Or are they trying to say that those 100 restaurants kill 1.5 cats a month to feed the voracious appetite of those 17.43 million people.

Item 5: In Switzerland it's completely legal to shoot a cat as long as it's 200 yards from its home.

Sounds fair to me. Cats are fantastic predators. We don't let our cats out at night, which is when they want to roam. A cat's normal 'territory' is rarely bigger than 1 square km - 200 yards is roughly 3.3 square kilometers. Much bigger than a cats normal territory.

This has to be a joke: "Even residents of neighboring France complain about the fact that many of their cats go missing due to legal Swiss cat hunting." GO LOOK AT A MAP. If a cat is going to climb over the mountains that border France and Switzerland then I doubt very much that a simple bullet is going to take it out. I think more like a stake through it's heart.

I have no idea what sort of sick bastard would dream up this stuff, but that's what it is. 100% dreamed up. I'm guessing he was someone who hated cats and was making up nasty ways to get rid of them.


Wendell said:

My issue is with the way the cats are killed. Like I said in the post, I don't agree with the Canadian Seal Hunt but at least there are rules and regulations that allow the seal to be killed humanely. No such rules exist for cats. Personally I don't understand the attraction to fur but people seem to like it especially in Europe. As long as there is a market for fur, these sort of atrocities will occur. If you have to kill cats for their fur, we should at least have measures in place that make the practice more humane.

When did world hunger become the issue? In the province of Guangdong where most of these cat killings take place, they have no issue with hunger. As a matter of fact, Guagdong represents the most affluent province in China.

Eating cat meat will not solve our world hunger problems. If anything the situation will be worse if we continue to allow people to eat cat meat. SARS and Bird Flu originated from the eating civets and domestic cats. The human body is not designed to eat carnivorous meat, so why eat cats?

Not that this is related but if we really want to solve the world hunger issues, how about taking 10% of what the Americans spend every day on their illegal war in Iraq for two months? Take that money and invest it in food and infrastructure to allow people to sustain their supply of food would be a better investment in my opinion.

Since this post has been placed online, the Canadian Broadcast Corporation has done a report on the Swiss Cat Fur trade and they have verified all of the facts in this post. You folks may also want to check with the New York Times and the BBC before you make your comments. The information in this post is nothing new. I'm simply bring it to your attention.

As apposed to just disagreeing with something that you don't like, pick up a book and do some research and try and disprove one point in this post.

Thanks for your comments.

Mark and Family said:

in USA alone over 8 MILLION cats are euthanized every year...for the only reason of more being born than there are homes for... only difference is how they are killed and the fact their bodies are wasted. - often thrown in the trash..

lulu said:

I like animals more than people. Most people are selfish, dishonest and cruel. They only care about themselves and are basically ruining this planet.

I rescue animals and will only give money to charities that help animals..because they are helpless and innocent and as far as cats and dogs, we, HUMANS, domesticated them, so we therefor have the obligation to take care of them. The way we treat animals reflects on the morality of us humans...We have failed animals miserably and therefore, I no longer have compassion for humans...and will no longer help them!

I will save or help a helpless animal anyday..I will give my last dollar feed a homeless animal, but will never give a dime to a homeless human..they should be able to help themselves! Humans are a blight on this planet.

csis2 said:

want to applaud the person who asked wenwon for proof..and got none...I presume he trusts everything seen and heard on CNN too..

Any sort of killing of animals is to my opinion an act of barbarism, if one can`t keep cats or any other animal then they should give it to the concern organisation to look after.

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