Superstitions Haunt Black Cats in England


It’s been hard for shelters in England to find homes for black cats and kittens. It seems that people are afraid black cats will bring bad luck to their homes.

There are four black cats at a shelter in the UK. Two adults who had to be put up for adoption because of their owners illness. And two little kittens not related. It seems that these cats have been there for months and have been passed over countless times for no reason other than their color.

Well this is a story near and dear to me. I chose Neo because of his personality and how cute he was, it didn’t really occur to me that he is a black cat that should be feared. So – does this mean that people don’t think black cats are cute and can have lovable personalities?

I’m surprised that these superstitions still hold true, even among cat lovers! I guess people think that a black cat crossing their path several times a day will lead to bad luck in the household?

The way I see it: the only ones experiencing bad luck are the black cats!

Read more about homes needed for 'unlucky' black cats.

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elizabeth said:

i don't know how long ago you wrote this. but i recently lost my cat. a black cat named jessie who has been in my life since i was 6 years old. i'm now to be 26 at the end of the year. she was and will always be the best friend i've had.

so i've decided, i'm going with the japanese approach to black cats. THEY ARE GOOD LUCK and Bring GOOD FORTUNE.

So good for you!! and if i was in englandn i'd adopt all of those black cats. i've always had a thing for black animals.

Melanie said:

Hi Elizabeth,
I am so sorry to hear that you recently lost Jessie. This must be a very difficult time for you. Eventually, the pain will go away, but you never really forget that kind of love and connection. The love between people and their cats has been totally underestimated in my opinion. I believe you when you say Jessie was and always will be the best friend you've had. She was there for you as a child, teen and adult; few humans are capable of that kind of loyalty.

I love your new philosophy, that black cats are good luck and bring good fortune. That's the way I've felt since bringing Neo home. He was a little feral kitten that surely wouldn't have had a happy life, but he was so cute and so playful, and right from the beginning we had a special bond. He is always within 15 feet of me. I can't imagine my life without him. So it saddens me to think of you and Jessie.

And it makes me angry that people can't see past color. Cats have unique personalities and are so capable of love that I can't imagine believing in the superstition: black cats crossing your path is bad luck. I have a black cat in my path several times a day and I'd say my life is pretty good, because I have my little black cat named Neo.

Elizabeth, I know it may be hard right now, but when you are ready, I think you should consider getting another cat. No other cat will replace Jessie, but from the sound of it, you would make another cat very happy. You deserve that kind of love and loyalty again. Let me know if you get another cat and send me a picture. I love hearing about stories like that.

Take care,


Lynda Moore said:

I have owned many black cats in my life, often more than one at a time. I find they have very unique and interesting personalities, and have always been among the most friendly. If anything, they bring good luck.

michelle said:

I own 2 blacks cats male, almost 2yrs old, their Mom is a 6-toed Tabby, and I have one more female tortious shell.. I love my boys.. One is such a HAM and his name is Max, and the other is my Whiner and his name is Mortiz, and I could'nt ask for better boys.. yes they get into stuff like any other cats, but I love them just the same. Some times I wonder about the superstition and think if it applies to those of us who own black cats, because if it does then mine cross my path everyday, every minute.. :-)

I tried to find them homes when they were 6wks old, and a shelter was helping me run ads for them and I remember her asking me what color they were, and said we can't put the word black in the ad...

I would not give my boys up for anything.. Love Black cats just like any other.

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