See rare footage of Wild Fishing Cats catching fish!


In the wild, Fishing Cats catch fish at night. But in this video, you get to see the rare and beautiful Fishing Cat catching fish during the day! Watch for the wild cat to tap the water with its paw and then dive in to catch the fish. They do this to mimic the behavior of insects before they pounce.

Fishing cats are a threatened species of wild cat so minimal efforts are being made to save them. There are hunting regulations in Laos, but Fishing Cats have no legal protection in Bhutan, Malaysia or Vietnam. Hunting isn't really the problem though, destruction of the wetlands is the primary threat. As usual, humans will wait until there are only a few left before we do something.


Fortunately, they are one of the few wild cats who can breed in captivity. With a little time and a lot of money, there may be hope for the future Fishing Cats. You can donate to the National Zoo to help them keep up their conservations efforts. This video was made in the National Zoo and features the Fishing Cats that now live there, some of them were born in captivity.


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