Lost wild african lion in maniwaki quebec!

UPDATE: Lost wild lion cat found, read here.

lost-lion-maniwaki-quebec.jpgWell imagine the look of shock on the local police dispatcher's face when they got the call that an African Lion was on the loose in Maniwaki Quebec!

Apparently the cat was new to the area and only purchased two days ago by an unidentified man in the area. According to reports, the cat was tied to a pole in front of the man's house. Ingenious. The 70 kg lion eventually broke loose of the pole and started roaming the area.

The obvious fear is that once the cat becomes hungry, it may pose a real threat to local residents.

According to many people, the lion is domesticated. The reality is that an African Lion is never domesticated and they are not meant to be pets. No one understands how how or why the owner was able to obtain a wild lion.

This is another example of why wild cats are not meant to be domesticated. In the last few months, two individuals have been attacked by "domesticated" cheetahs in separate events and a lady was attacked during a photo-shoot after attempting to pose with a wild African Lion.

These animals are not pets, they are wild animals. The operative word being "wild" and that implies that the cats are obviously unpredictable.

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