How to trim your cat's claws?


Declawing cats is illegal in many countries, for good reason, it's easy to trim your cat's claws and you don't have to permanently damage your cat to do it.

You need proper equipment, though, don't use human nail clippers because they shatter the claw and cause your cat pain. There are several claw trimmers on the market, your vet probably has a set that she uses to trim your cat's nails before an examination. There are many different types, but all of them have some things in common. All trimmers have a rounded blade and close in on the cats claw. The better ones look like little scissors with two small round blades. These ones don't crush the cat's nail.

picture_of_cat_nail_trimmer.jpg Gently squeeze your cat's paw and you will see his retractable claws come out. Before you begin, look closely at the claw to see where you will need to cut. Just like if you were cutting a child's nails, you don't want to get too close because it will hurt. There is a large vein running through the claw, called the quick. Trim just the tip off the nail, leave room between the quick and the blade. If you cut the quick, your cat will be in pain and likely will not let you finish trimming his claws.picture_of_cat_claws_where_to_cut.jpg It may not seem like such a small cut is effective but it makes a huge difference to your cat. If his nails are trimmed, he'll be less likely to scratch your furniture and it won't hurt if playtime gets a little rough. With regular trimming, the quick actually retracts a little bit. In time, you'll be able to trim his nails quit short so they won't cause any damage when he scratches.


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