How to groom an unwilling cat?

Some cats just don't want to be combed, whatever the reason, you've tried to get a comb on them, but it just won't work. It's important to keep their fur under control for their health. Here are three things you can try.


First, use a course fabric mitten. You can get ones made specifically for cats. Just put it on and pet your cat. it catches the loose fur. These aren't as good as a the comb but it will work.

Second, is to get one of these corner gadgets. You mount it on the wall about cat height and as they rub against it they comb themselves!

And third, seriously, try the vacuum, it doesn't massage the scalp very well, but some sensitive cats prefer it to combs. Especially the quieter models. This older cat loves the vacuum! And her owner is smart to use the little round bristle brush so her skin isn't sucked up into the machine.


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