Grooming Cats: Top Five Tips for a Healthy Coat

5. Brush your cat's fur weekly if not more often. Regular brushing or combing catches loose fur and massages the scalp. You'll notice a reduction in fur balls and loose fur around your home.


4. Check for skin irritations, fleas and ticks when you brush. Early detection of these things can prevent bigger problems later. SOme skin irritations are the first signs of bigger problems like allergies, and diseases.

3. Feed your cat high quality food and treats from your vet. Grocery store and lower quality cat foods contain too many starches, sugars and grain products which leads to an unhealthy cat and unhealthy fur. If you switch to high quality canned or raw cat food you'll notice a difference in your cat's health and in his fur.


2. Let your cat move around while you are grooming him. He knows where his body needs to be groomed. He may have some hard to reach places like at the base of the tail and the top of his head.

1. Try several combs and brushes, even the vacuum cleaner! Neo likes it when I use one of those adhesive lint rollers on him after I comb him, it lifts up all the loose fur.


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Dear Facekitty,
Interesting Thoughts, Grooming Kit. Should include brushes, combs and a piece of chamois leather or nylon tights or a piece of velvet material. With brushes, long haired cats should not have harsh wire bristles that pull the hair out.

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