Blending Cats Into One Household

Blending cats into one household can be the most challenging thing for cat owners. But here are some tips and pointers that have worked for thousands of cat lovers everywhere. Just remember to be patient and to make the introductions slowly.


I realize that sometimes you just can't prepare to introduce a new cat. Often times the new cat is literally dumped on you and you are left with the problem of blending cats into one household quickly. But whether you have two hours or two months to prepare, you need to be prepared.

So how do you go about blending cats into one household?

1. First, make sure the new cat has been thoroughly checked out by a vet, you don't want this introduction to be the introduction of parasites and deadly disease.

2a. Get another litter box set up right away. Cats are territorial about where they defecate, so to avoid an unwanted "gifts" left outside your bedroom door, set up a litter box, first thing.

2b. In addition to another litter box, you'll need another food bowl - cats aren't known to share, especially at meal times.

3. Keep the new cat in a carrier or cage and set him, cage and all, in the room with your cats. Just let them sniff and do whatever they want to do, the cage will protect both the new cat and the existing cats from harm and it offers some security to the new cat. If you have the time, a few days or weeks, do this once a day until the cats start to relax around one another.

4. The next step is to open the cage, just let the new cat stay in there, but make sure he knows it's open. He'll get out when he wants to.

5. Let the new cat explore, this might mean that you have to restrain your existing cats, if you are afraid they will attack the new cat. Be sure to show the new cat where the litter box is and just let him look around.


6. DON"T leave them together unattended - one kitty might suffer some major injuries and leave you with huge vet bills. Separate the cats by putting one in a room and close the door. They can still smell each other and bat at each other under the door, but you'll be keeping both of them safe.

Oh and another thing, make sure you spread the love around, cats can get jealous if they think they are being "replaced." Make sure all your cats are getting enough love. Within a few weeks they will at best be cuddling and cleaning each other and at worst merely tolerating each other. Either way, you've succeeded!


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Shelley Noble said:

Nice advice, thanks for writing this up.

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