An essential, loving member of the family, the American Shorthair is the new man’s best friend.

They sailed to America on the Mayflower; these All-American cats are a part of history. The American Shorthair makes a terrific pet. They are sensitive and playful and are good with children and adults alike. Because of their strength and good health, they have a long lifespan, so expect almost two decades of love from your American Shorthair.

Quick Cat Characteristics


Physical: Medium to large build, muscular with slightly rounded ears and a long tail.

Color: Many colors with tabby markings or patched.

Temperament: A cuddly lap cat that also loves to play.

History: One of America’s first settlers. The American Shorthair had a place on the Mayflower.

Physical – Strong and muscular, well balanced and powerful

The look of the American Shorthair is the ultimate in strength, endurance and agility. They have powerful legs, strong paws and a solid body. This breed is sometimes referred to as a working cat because of its adaptability and excellent hunting skills.

The distinguishing feature of the American Shorthair is its head. Look at your American shorthair from the side, its head should be as long as it is wide from the front. It has a cute little flat face with large round eyes that curve to a point at the outer sides. The jaw is strong and the chin is squared and strong.


Color – a kitty-cat rainbow of over 100 color combinations

Classic color is the silver tabby or the brown tabby, but really the American Shorthair breed can range in color from white to red to black and every shade in between. The markings are generally tabby but calico and patched coats are often seen in shows.

Temperament – Your All-American lap cat

A gentle companion with a quiet disposition, they love to spend quality time snuggling close or sitting on your lap. They are very affectionate and will develop a relationship with everyone in the family. Easy going and out going are two ways to describe them. They are sensitive to your emotions and will come to comfort you when you are feeling sad or they will come to find out how they can help when you are angry. When you are content or sitting quietly, they will join you for a little petting time.


History – Recorded to have arrived on the Mayflower

Just like the humans who arrived on the Mayflower, these cats have forged their way into American history and are an integral part of that rich heritage. Oddly enough though, in spite of there being records of mousers on board that have become the foundation of the American Shorthair. It wasn’t until a British import Tabby was shown in an American Cat show that the breed was recognized! Since then, the breed has been appreciated and bred for its beauty and strength.


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