Abyssinian Cat Breed: The little cat with a Big personality.


Loving, Intelligent and Obedient, the Abyssinian Cat is one of the oldest known cat breeds.

Yep, I said Obedient, a rare personality trait amongst cats. But beware that although they’ll obey you and want to be part of your family, they’ll also do some shocking and intelligent things. Imagine a cat that lifts things to his mouth instead of lowering his head to pick it up! Abyssinians develop little habits like this that set them apart from other breeds. They’ll make you wonder...

Quick Cat Characteristics of the Abyssinian Breed:

Physical: Long limbs, neck and tail, muscular, graceful body. Gently contoured head with large ears and almond shaped eyes. Soft, silky, medium length coat.

Color: Ticked coat in Ruddy, Red, Blue or Fawn

Temperament: active, loving, alert and playful.

History: The oldest known cat breed. Imported from Ethiopia in 1868.

Physical – Long, Lean, and Strong

Abyssinians have an ancient Egyptian look to them – long limbs, long neck, Regal head and long tail. As a matter of fact, it is believed that these beautiful cats are descendants of the very cats that have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs. It’s hard to say for sure, because records go back only so far and with wars and breeding, bloodlines are hard to trace in cats.

Color – Wait 18 months before your Kitten’s fur shows its true beauty

Abyssinians have a beautiful ticked coat – each hair is ticked with three or more shades of color. Abyssinians can be:


Ruddy - reddish brown ticked with darker brown or black

Red - warm and glowing red ticked with chocolate brown and red

Blue – warm beige ticked with shades of slate blue

Fawn –warm beige ticked with light cocoa brown

Temperament - Playful and Interactive

While they make loving companions, Abyssinians are playful and curious and have been know to problem solve. They are strong and lean and can jump to high places in a single leap. And they are forever playing practical jokes.

One Abyssinian who lives with a dog loves to jump up on the refrigerator and wait patiently for the dog to come close. Aby would wait until the dog was close by and then throw spice bottles down on the dog when he tries to take a drink from his water dish.


Your Aby will love to play, make sure to spend a lot of time playing and engaging your Aby in a game of fetch, or wiggle a feather for him. Aby’s love interaction with you, after all they are highly intelligent and require your loving attention to feel like part of the family.

History - Zula, the First known Abyssinian

But most believe that the first Abyssinian, named Zula, was captured after the Abyssinian War (Abyssinia is now known as Ethiopia) and brought to Britain in 1868 by Mrs. Captain Barrett-Lennard. Zula was fed raw beef and acted very wild, but soon warmed up to her mistress and became a very loving cat. According to Harpers Weekly January 27, 1872, Zula took third place in the Cat Show held at London Crystal Palace in 1872.


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Iren said:

Abyssinian is considered to be the oldest known domestic breed, first brought to Britain by soldiers returning from Abyssinia (now Ethiopia) in 1868.

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