12 cats that will be extinct by 2020

Unless something is done soon, most of these cats won't be around too much longer. Limited efforts are being taken to try and save most of these cats. The main issue unfortunately is that with so few of these cats left, the incidence of inbreeding is much higher which can cause it's own problems like genetic disorders, reduced fertility, higher infant mortality, reduced effectiveness of immune system, lower birth rate and so on.

Many of these cats are literally months from being extinct. You can do your part by donating to the World Conservation Union.


Amur Tiger extinction.jpegAmur Tiger also known as the Siberian Tiger: With approximately 400 to 500 of these incredible cats left, the Amur Tiger's days are numbered. The cat lives throughout China, the Korean Peninsula, South Eastern Russia and North Eastern Mongolia.

These incredible cats can weigh anywhere from 100 to 350 kg and are slightly taller than their popular Bengal Tiger cousins.

Compared to other species of tigers, the Siberian Tiger has a larger mane, furrier paws and generally more white and less striping in their coats.

Siberian Tigers are known for there mellow and fair tempered demeanor.


Asiatic lion extinction.jpegAsiatic lion: With approximately 350 of these cats left, time is running out for this sub species of the Lion. The Asiatic Lion only exists in a small forest in the state of Gujarat, India.

The Asiatic Lion ranges anywhere from 145 to 250 kgs in weight.

Compared to their African cousins, they have slightly shaggier coats.

The main reason for the decline of the Asiatic Lion is due to a loss of natural living habitat.


Sumatran-Tiger-extinction.jpgSumatran Tiger: This cat used to be found in the Indonesia and the island of Sumatra. Estimates place this cat's population at approximately 350 to 500 left.

These cats weigh in at anywhere from 200 lbs to 300 lbs.

A decline in living habitat has contributed to this cat's decline.

The Sumatran Tiger is the smallest of all sub-species of cats.


Iberian Lynx extinction.jpegIberian Lynx: Found primarily in Spain and Southern Europe, there are believed to be only 100 to 300 of these cats left.

These cats weigh 12 to 26 kgs in size.

The main reason for this cat's decline was because of hunting. The Iberian Lynx is now a protected species. Unfortunately, it may be too late.


North-African-Leopard-extinction.jpgNorth African Leopard: This large cat lives in Eastern Africa and South West Asia. According to some reports, there be as many as 250 examples of the North African Leopard left.

I couldn't find any accurate weight estimates for this cat but it would appear that they can weight as much as 200 lbs.

The cat prefers to live in lowland forests and heavily wooded areas.


Florida-Panther-extinction.jpgFlorida Panther: The number of living Florida Panthers are estimated at around 60 to 100. This species of panther can be found primarily in palm forests and swamps in Southern Florida.

The cats range in size from 125 to 140 lbs.

With Southern Florida being a fast developing area, there is a rapidly declining area for this panther to live in.


asiatic_cheetah_extinction.jpgAsiatic Cheetah also known as the Iranian/Indian Cheetah: This cat is very close to extinction with only 50 to 100 known to exist in the world. The cat is rumored to be extinct from India and there are still examples of this cat in Northern Iran.

This cat ranges in size from 39 to 65 kgs in weight.

Factors that threaten this cat are a decline in prey, hunting and the rapid reduction of this cat's natural habitat.


Arabian Leopard extinction.jpegArabian Leopard: This species of Leopard lives in the high mountains of Arabia. Due to their hunting style, the cats tend to be widely distributed over vast amounts of land. According to most experts, there may be as little as 50 to 100 of these cats left in the world.

The Arabian Leopard generally range in size from 18 kg to 30 kg in weight.

This cat is endangered by trophy hunters looking to capture their rare coat. To this day, they are still hunted for their coats and killed by people protecting their livestock.


Eastern Cougar extinction.jpegEastern Cougar also known as the North American Cougar: There are no accurate population figures for this cat that I could find. From what I can tell, there are approximately 50 of these cats left. It is believed that this cat primarily resides in the Appalachian Mountain regions.

The Eastern Cougar can weigh as much as 140 pounds once fully grown.

The Eastern Cougar is a solitary animal which makes it harder to judge how many are left.


South China Tiger extinction.jpegSouth China Tiger: With as little as 30 of these cats left, the South China Tiger has been listed as one of the world's 10 most endangered species. This cat use to be found in South and South Central China.

Poaching, destruction of it's prey and declining living habitat have all contributed to this cat's rapidly declining population.

The South China Tiger can weight as much as 240 lbs to 330 lbs.


Amur Leopard extinction.jpegAmur Leopard: Depending on who you talk to, there are anywhere from 25 to 50 of these beautiful cats left. This species of cat is commonly referred to as the Siberian Tiger and Far East Leopard. You can usually find this cat in the Southeastern Russia, North Korea and North East China.

Amur Leopards weigh between 32 - 75 kg so they can be a fairly large cat.

The main reason for this cat's critical status are poachers and loss of habitat. In April of last year, a female Amur Leopard was shot leaving only six known females left in the wild.


Anatolian Leopard extinction.jpegAnatolian Leopard: The last verified sighting of this cat was in 1974. Since then, there have been several unverified sightings of this beautiful cat. It's generally accepted that this cat only lives in Turkey's Mediterranean Region and on the Eastern Black Sear region. More specifically, many observers believe that the remaining species of this cat are mostly found in the Kackar Mountains of the North Eastern region of Turkey.

Size estimations vary but generally speaking, the cat grows up to 200 to 250 centimeters in length and approximately 90 kg in weight.

The near extinction of this cat can be mostly attributed to trophy hunting in Turkey's Mediterranean Region.

Unfortunately there are no recognized population figures for this cat but many believe that there are probably as little as none to as high as 15 members of this cat left in the world.

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Asiatic Lion faces many threats like genetic bottle neck, loss of habitat, forest land encroachment, maldharis inside the park, reliogious places in the middle of the park, roads through protected areas, man-animal conflict etc. But the biggest threat is Open Wells surrounding Gir forest. In about five years time, 25 lions died by accidentaly falling in such open wells. (OPen wells are 60 -100 feet deep dug by farmers for water for irrigation and cattle.)

John Platt said:

Great report. Let's hope we don't lose any of them, but we'll see how the next decade goes.

Diana Weaver said:

At this time, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has the eastern cougar on the endangered species list. However, the cougar has been considered extinct for several years. More information may be found at http://www.fws.gov/northeast/ecougar

Daily Contempt said:

I hate people who kill animals. Great post!

Cheyenne Hughes said:

We humans need to find out how NOT to kill other living things.
good post.
to bad this might happen.

Chris Duke said:

I'm not sure if your referring to the regular type of cougar when you say north american cougar, but if you are we get hundreds of them on vancouver island and the queen charlotte islands, not to mention other parts of interior BC. There are definitely more then 50.

Caleb Moore said:

I am making a website on south china tigers!

Allaney said:

wow that was amazing i love tigers and i don't want to see them go away. ill do my best to help out.

nikki said:

I love cats 2 i espeacially love tigers they are so cool im doing a report for school on the big cat family and ur website helped me out a lot thank u so much!!!

TOR said:

I just read yesterday that the Eastern Cougar is Exstinct! It was in the news & everything! I'm not sure if that means that there is no more cougars in the east or if there is a certain kinda of cougar called eastern cougar that is gone forever.

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