Would you abandon this cat? Paris Hilton did.


You can tell a lot about Paris Hilton’s character by the way she treats her pets. Regardless of the fact that she has been in the news a lot lately for all sorts of things. Videos of her having sex with different guys…she was jailed last year. She went on David Lettermen (the second time) and said she was going to support a lot of not for profits.. but hasn’t. She’s even been video taped at a club using racial slurs. All of these things could be explained simply by immaturity, lack of guidance, and a lost girl just trying to find herself. Would the real Paris Hilton please stand up?

Well, Paris Hilton has revealed her true nature recently, by abandoning a living, breathing, beautiful animal. This cowardly act tells us she has no strength of character, no morals, no sense of decency. So any bit of sympathy I may have had for her, poor little rich kid, is gone. She really should have all her pets taken away and hell she should be caged up.

Paris Hilton adopted the cat from the Kris Kelly Foundation and agreed to take care of Prada properly. But months later, Kris Kelly Foundation discovered that Prada was living in a house with no human interaction for months.

PRADA (New) (3).JPG

Kris Kelly had the following to say about the situation, “We gave Ms. Hilton every opportunity to do the right thing for Prada but she failed to comply and then abandoned him. After seven days no-one from her household has even contacted us or the vet’s office to check on the well being and whereabouts of poor Prada. We now have Prada in a foster home and have no intention of giving him back to Ms. Hilton. She has proved to be a negligent pet owner.”

You can have all the money in the world but you can’t buy class.

Please take the time to visit the Kris Kelly Foundation’s website. Their goal is to rescue animals from neglect, abuse and slaughter. They’re good people and they definitely will make use of your donation.


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Norman Clint said:

Sad to hear that our wayward Paris has added pet neglect to her growing list of follies. When will this poor girl grow up.

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