Tokyo’s Cat Cafés contributing to Cat Massacre


What are cat lovers ordering at Tokyo’s Café Calico Cat?

“I’ll take my tea with a Tabby”

This is a picture of Harumi Kaneko cuddling with "Choco", one of the cats customers can play with for about $8.00 an hour at the Cat Café Calico.

Housing regulations in Tokyo don’t allow pets. So if you can’t have a cat, the next best thing is going to a place like Café Calico Cat. Where you can curl up with a good book, a warm fire and purring cat. It’s a dream come true for Japanese cat lovers. There are three busy cat cafés in Tokyo. All three are filled with lovely, well-groomed cats for patrons to cuddle with before getting on with their busy days.


Which makes me wonder about the 600,000 cats and dogs gassed in Japan yearly? Where are those cat lovers when the gas chamber fills up with gas and the cats scream for their lives? Or later when they aren't quite dead yet and they burn alive?

These seemingly innocent cafés that are beautifully furnished and attract wealthy Japanese are really contributing to the overpopulation of cats in Japan. The cafés don't take in stray cats, they get their cats from breeders. So while a privileged few are being cuddled by people like Mrs. Kaneko, just outside the comforts of the café - poor, lonely, starved cats are being rounded up and taken to gas chambers where they are mercilessly killed and incinerated by the hundreds every day.

Why do so many cats have to suffer when there are so many people in Japan who supposedly love cats? Please sign the Japan's cats and dogs need our help petition. Maybe together we can put an end to the needless suffering of so many cats in a nation that clearly adores cats.

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Paige said:

The first image that came to mind here was prostitution. Paying to cuddle with cats. I'm not kidding around, and of course, I'm not implying or encouraging beastiality.

But it makes me incredibly sad to think that there are only a selected few "elite" cats--selected because of breeding--who can live happily. I guess it's like that in any country, really, with strays and all. You know, people will adopt some and others have to live and die on the streets or in cramped, fluorescent-lighted conditions at animal shelters.

Melanie said:

You are so right, Paige, prostitution, those cats must be exhausted by the end of the day - and if you look closely at the cat in the picture - the cat looks like he wants to get away!

Daniel said:

It's not a worthwhile petition. I (and many others) wouldn't go into a restaurant that picks up stray cats and charges me to play with them. By necessity, they have to take healthy cats. The only thing wrong is the extermination process.

sean said:

dude i agree with you completely, i myself do not really like cats but killing them by the thousands is not cool. this should be on the news, not the canadian seal hunt which follows tight regulations and humanely kills the seals without suffering. the stupid people better smarten up and actualy do something about the cats.

unsanitarypaws said:

most apartments in japan don't allow pets or are so small it would be ridiculous to have a pet in there at all. This isn't a case of snotty people supporting cat "prostitution" (so is owning a cat "slavery"?), it's about people that love cats not being able to have any in their homes. It only costs $8 an hour to play with the kitties at the cafe so i don't see where you're getting the idea that this is for wealthy people. I agree that the euthanasia rate is horrible and that they should use shelter cats at the cafes, but considering you didn't seem to read up on this topic at all before spouting about it, it's quite possible that the cafe cats aren't from breeders. It wouldn't be very economical for a small cafe to spend a ton of money on purebred cats if you think about it.

DawnsComing said:

Not all Cat cafes get their cats from breeders. If you had done your research, you;d find there are several cat cafes that work with rescue groups to help get their cats adopted out.

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