These ringtones will drive your cat crazy...

cat-ringtone.jpgWanna play a prank on your cat? Play this ringtone and watch what happens. My cat Maddy came running the first time I played the ringtones listed below. After a while, she caught on and stopped coming though. I played the ringtones a few days later for her and there was mild interest at best. Have fun!

Cat ringtone #1

Cat ringtone #2

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Annonymous said:

lol my cat got a fluffy tale and ran away after hearing the ringtones

Inviernos said:

my kitty hissed at the laptop after hearing the first one and seemed mildly interested in the second

Taylor Campbell said:

My cat and my neighbors cats started chewing on my cellphone at the first, and started wacking it around on the second one (:

Lah said:

My cat stopped cleaning herself for a second and looked at me like "Who is that??" haha.

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