Symptoms Bloody Stool in Cats

If you see the symptoms bloody stool in cats, you need to collect a sample of the stool and get to the vet for a complete exam. Your vet is going to ask you a few questions so be prepared by taking stock of what could cause the blood.


Twelve questions your vet will ask you about symptoms bloody stool in cats:

1. Did your cat eat any bones or chew on other non-food items such as wood?

2. Did your cat eat any spoiled food? (did you leave the soft food out too long in his food dish?)

3. Have you changed his diet recently? (this includes treats, hard and soft food, and water or other liquids)

4. Has your cat eaten any people food? If so, what did he eat?

5. Has your cat been bitten by or playing with another animal?

6. Has your cat experienced any injuries to the anal area? (like a pelvic fracture, or a fall, or an anal temperature probe?)

7. Has your cat been rubbing his anus on the floor or carpets?

8. When did you first notice the blood in his stool?

9. Has your cat been straining or constipated? (your cat could have hemorrhoids)

10. How many times has your cat defecated in the past 24 hours?

11. Are there other symptoms your cat has? (such as vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, drinking a lot of water, and lethargic?)

12. Have there been any changes in the cats environment? (are you renovating? did you move the litter box? a new kitten in the house?)

Basically the bottom line is this, if you see the symptoms bloody stool in cats, put the stool in a plastic bag and get your cat and the stool to your vet as soon as possible.

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