Symptoms Bloody Stool In Cats: Ten Possible Causes

What can be causing the symptoms bloody stool in cats? There are several possible causes so it is really important that you take a sample of the bloody stool and your cat to the vet right away.

Symptoms bloody stool in cats could be caused by:

1. Parasites - yep, worms, round worms, tapeworms, get your cat treated right away, parasites kill your cat slowly and painfully.

2. Allergy to food - if you've recently changed your cat's diet or if your cat has been on the same diet for a really long time, allergies can develop and cause intestinal bleeding.

3. Polyps


4. Cancer - cats can get cancer.

5. Colitis - a very painful condition caused by poor diet.

6. Damage to the bowel - could be caused by your cat eating something or a bite from another animal.. or lots of stuff..

7. Blood clots - a dark tar-like blood indicates a problem higher up in the intestines of your cat.

8. Constipation - what are you feeding your cat?

9. Diarrhea - again, what are you feeding your cat?

10. Treating your cat like a little dog. Cats have a completely different physiology from dogs so if a product says it's safe for cats and dogs, then you need to stop giving it to your cat. There is a lot of misinformation about cat health out there and it is leading to many loved family cats suffering needlessly.

If you see the symptoms bloody stool in cats, it isn't good. Take a sample of the stool and your cat to the vet right away.

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