Sign this petition if you would like media coverage of the cat killings in Beijing

petition-against-chinese-cat-killing.jpgAs some of you may or may not know, the Chinese government is rounding cats up in Beijing and systematically killing them. We've blogged about this before and now we're asking for your help. Sign this form if you believe that it is a barbaric act to kill and in some cases skin cats that are still alive.

The Chinese government has gone as far as telling people that cats are unhealthy and are the cause of many illnesses. The propaganda has gotten so bad that many pet owners have left their cats out in the street to be collected by the Beijing death squads. Don't just sit there, do something about it.

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Richard said:

What goes around......

Jennie Hall said:

CHina needs to revamp the way it treats animals and humans.

China needs to be taught a lesson.

Our political leaders are the most at fault here. They are WELL aware of what China does, but because they are slaves to the almighty dollar, they turn a conveniently blind eye to what is going on.

If large, influencial countries like Canada dn the U.S. would STOP trading with China until it changes its Human and Animal Rights policies - NOTHING will change.

The Chinese lie and cover up and feed a line of malarky to anyone who demands answers. ...Wait, that's not so different from most of our own politicians .....

We, as the voting public need to ALL do our albeit small part to make the change.

1) avoid buying anything made in China - and when you do that, make sure you tell the store why you are NOT buying a specific product.

2) write to your local and federal polticians and tell them you object to the way China treats humans and animals and you would like them to stop dealing with the Chinese government until it STOPS all rights abuses.

3) when you write such letters - make sure you cc ALL your local press outlets. Politicians pay much more attention when they see that the press has received copies.

4)CALL your local polticians and tell them you want to see changes to your government's poliicies in dealing with China.

5) wear pins, headbands, tee shirts and buttons deriding China for it's bad Human and Animal rights policies. If people ask why, ask them how they feel about helpless and peaceful people being shot dead by an army, then kicked in the head to see if they are still moving, then shot again; ask them how they feel about cats, dogs and other animals being SKINNED ALIVE. then tell them THAT is why you are wearing these symbols of objection.

6) Do all things things often and pass it on to your friends.

If anyone is in doubt about how to word letters, write to me direct and I'll be glad to give some guidance.

Down with China's oppressive regime!


Bill Orlikow said:

Please count my name on the petition. If it helps to reduce or eliminate this atrocity committed by the Chinese government I am in full support.

Alyssa said:

This is horrifying. This country needs to get its priorities straight

Cody Dayton said:

I Believe that this should be put on the media there are so many people that just snuff this off. People need to open their eyes and take a look at what China and other Asian Countries are doing

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