See a 400 lbs African Lion hug and kiss his rescuer!

Imagine a 400lb Lion hugging you!? It turns out that the King of the Jungle is just a really, really big kitten.

This woman rescues big cats in Colombia. The lion was abused, injured and malnourished. She took him in and cared for him until he was healthy – the two developed a close bond. He loves her. He really loves her. You’ll see in the video that he recognizes her right away and so excited that she’s there. He jumps up and wraps his paws around her neck and kisses her! He is actually hugging her. He acts more affectionate than some domestic cats out there! You’ve just got to see the love!

Here is another video of the same lion and the same woman – she has several big cats in her care.

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See a 400 lbs African Lion hug and kiss his rescuer!

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MARIA said:

BEFORE POSTING A VIDEO, check the globe, because it wasent IN COLUMBIA, IT WAS IN COLOMBIA.. its embarrasing when u see this mistakes

wendell said:

i don't think a map is needed, i think a good dictionary is needed though! lol! thanks for letting us know about the spelling error.

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