Mad scientist clones glow in the dark cats!


For centuries cats have been used as science experiments and now…. Cloning scientists in South Korea have manipulated a protein gene in cats that has fluorescent properties. The cloned cats glow in the dark after being exposed to ultraviolet light. No, they don't come in green and red. The cat pictured on the left is being exposed to the ultraviolet light and the cat on the right is what the cats look like when the lights go out.

I have to admit, it would be nice to be able to see Neo in the dark, but creating animals for scientific study? They aren’t going to be loved or cared for…. why would they be treated well… if they die or don’t fulfill a scientific purpose.. they are disposed of and all you have to do is make another one. These cats get to live out there days in a cage being constantly poked and prodded.


Apparently, this scientific manipulation is supposed to help develop treatments for human genetic diseases. And recreate endangered wild cats. I'm not sure how manipulating these cats genes will help humans, but how about this? Call me crazy but... here's an idea, let’s preserve the animals we have left on our planet rather than create new ones in a test-tube!


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