Injury, death and starvation to feral cats living on the site of 2012 Olympics.


It’s not too late to help! Sign the online petition or donate toThe Celia Hammond Animal Trust (C.H.A.T.)

CHAT has been trying to set up rescue missions only to be denied access to the site of the 2012 Olympics. The Olympic Delivery Authority (O.D.A) said there were only 5 cats on the site, but CHAT has already rescued 150 cats so far! And there are still more to rescue. Those poor feral cats! Their homes have been destroyed by the demolition so pregnant queens, three litters of newborn kittens and lactating moms have been forced further into hiding.

feral_cat_feeding_station.jpgThe site is so noisy during the day that the workers see no trace of the cats, they only come out at night, when the machines and people are gone. It is imperative that C.H.A.T. have access to the site to set up feeding stations to draw the cats out of their hiding places so they can be humanely trapped and removed to safety.

So far the ODA has granted them 4 evenings to do all the rescuing, but four evenings isn’t even enough time for the cats to discover the feeding stations, let alone be trapped and removed!

Excuses the ODA is using:


• They will contact CHAT if they see cats – but cats don’t come out when it is too noisy.

• The site is dangerous – but CHAT members control the traps remotely so they don’t need access to the dangerous areas.

• Health and Safety – but all CHAT members are have Construction Skills Certification Scheme and two have First Aid – which makes them more qualified to be on the construction site than most of the workers who are demolishing the site!

They could have been finished all their rescuing back in August had they not been banned while the fate of these cats is discussed in a committee.

Please sign the petition to help rescue the remaining cats. I’m not just talking here; you’ll find my name on that petition. I signed on December 11, 2007. What are you waiting for?


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