Dumb woman uses lion in a photoshoot and pays the price, Bowmanville Zoo officials are complete boneheads.

lion_tackles_woman_video.jpgSo let me get this straight. The lion gets kicked in the head for being a lion? Nice. This video shows a playful lion at a photo-shoot that (just outside of Toronto at the Bowmanville Zoo) ultimately tackles the woman practicing martial arts in front of him. The video clearly illustrates why you shouldn't use wild cats in photo-shoots. It's a dumb play and the cat doesn't deserve to get kicked in the head. Quite frankly, the officials from the Bowmanville Zoo deserve the kick in the head. They have a choice of being there, the lion doesn't.

The lady (Gitanjali Kolanad) goes on to whine about the fact that she was tackled by a 400 pound cat. Well of course she was tackled! From the very beginning, you can see that the handlers have no control over this large cat. What did they expect? Did they expect the lion to come and cuddle with her? Sorry, the lion gets my sympathy here.

You can hear one of the people say that he's "playing" when he lunges at them. If the Bowmanville Zoo had quality handlers and staff they would know the cat wants to play and probably won't be controlled if he truly wants to pounce on someone.

Remind me not to take my kids to the Bowmanville Zoo. On the heals of the Tiger incident in San Francisco, they decide to shoot this video? Are the officials at the Bowmvanville zoo that devoid of intelligence? This "back woods" move shows that they have no regard for their wild animals and would rather put them in jeopardy to make a few dollars. Idiots, complete and total idiots. All of them.

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steve allen said:

thank you for the insite of the bowmanville zoo ive lived in this town for over 25 years and always wondered if this place wasnt a horror for the animals that live there i myself have visited the zoo many times in my years and came away sad and unimpressed the animals do seem sad and the workers seem a little over worked and under paid i hope with enough people seeing this that maybe some one will save these animals and give them a good life . please e-mail me and give me an update or any support you need if i can help i will

Darlene Carr said:

My daugher works at that zoo. You really should learn not to talk about what you don't know about. The staff have the education and training. When working with wild animals nothing can be perdicted and anyone near them should be ready for the unexpected. For a zoo who doesn't care about there animals why do the have 24 hour around the clock watch for any animal that is not well. Why not just lock them in a barn and let nature take it's course. Funny how the experts in your story don't want to give their names. I've used that excuse before myself when I am just bull shitiing someone. Maybe you could get the inexperienced staff to clean that shit up for you.

Wendell said:

@Darlene: Thanks for the positive input! Is your daughter anything like you? If so, you're reinforcing a well known fact that Bowmanville Zoo staff (and owner) are complete jerks.

Your language and grammar demonstrates more about you than it does about the comment you're trying to make.

Bowmanville Zoo has no shortage of animal rights complaints that have been lodged against it. You should research your comments before you make them.

Anonymous said:

I like how you call the woman in the video dumb for taking a picture with a Lion. I guess Doug Seus and Gunther Gebel-Williams are dumb too because they train and tame wild animals. As always someone with so much compassion for animals, you show none for humans.....

Real nice

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