Do Cats Need Supplements?

The final word on supplements. Do cats need supplements? or is this just something that health conscious humans think their cats need?

There are basic requirements that your cat needs daily to live a healthy life. Good quality proteins and amino acids are essential, especially taurine, without it, your cat will likely die or suffer serious medical conditions such as heart disease.


Then there are vitamins and minerals that cats need in the proper ratio and in the proper form. And of course, Essential Fatty Acids - yes cats need fish oil too! Maybe that's why they like fish so much!

So with all these requirements, how do you know if your cat is getting enough? The bottom line is talk to your vet about it. So here are some guidelines for answering the question, do cats need supplements?

Yes - if you buy poor quality food, grocery store brands often don't have the right combination of dietary requirements or they use poor quality protein, and grocery store brands have been involved in the deadly cat food recalls. So get your cat's food from a vet or you'll have to supplement carefully.

Yes - if your cat has medical conditions such as arthritis - arthritic cats need supplements of glucosamine and chondroitin

Yes - if your cat has mild stomach upset, like diarrhea - probiotics (the good bacteria in the stomach and intestines) can help cats and digestive problems.


Yes - if your cat has skin irritations or allergies, supplementing with Fatty Acids has been known to help stop skin cysts on cats. Excessive licking is a sign that your cat may have allergies.

Yes - if your cat has a liver condition - SAM-e and Milk Thistle supplements are made for cats too.

Yes - if you are worried about environmental toxins and what supplements act as cleansers and detoxifiers for your cat.


There are many other conditions that may be cured or helped with supplements. So the final answer to the question, do cats need supplements? Well, yes but not always. Ask your vet to be sure.

You can read more about specific supplements here.


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