Cats and Teeth Cleaning


Cats and Teeth Cleaning: Top Five Tips for Healthy Teeth.

1. Brush your cat’s teeth daily. Just once a day will keep him from experiencing painful gum diseases and will also keep his liver, heart, spleen and other internal organs healthy.

2. Check for signs of trouble such as bad breath, bleeding or inflamed gums, or loose missing or broken teeth and tartar. If your cat simply will not allow you to brush his teeth, it may be too late – see a vet immediately because he may already have a dental disease.

3. Feed your cat high quality cat food and treats. Lower quality foods and treats contain too much starch and sugars that stick to teeth and cause damage and tartar build-up. Ask your vet about foods and treats designed for healthy teeth.

4. Get special cat toys designed for chewing, and that promote dental hygiene. Petstages has several different ones for teething kittens, adult cats and senior cats.

5. And most importantly, have your cat’s teeth professionally cleaned by your veterinarian at least once a year. Sometimes cats need a professional cleaning every six months.


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That was informative. i love cats too! their just like humans that need proper oral care in order to live healthy and happy. Daily brushing and regular professional cleanings by vet can significantly reduce their risk of developing serious oral diseases.

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