Cats and Teeth Cleaning: Care of Senior Cat’s Teeth

Senior cats need their teeth cared for too – they are at higher risk for gum disease and liver damage, heart disease and the list goes on! It maybe stressful for you and your senior cat to get into a tooth brushing routine, but it is really necessary. And unlike old dogs, you can teach an old cat new tricks!

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There are products on the market that help keep their teeth and gums clean and to strengthen their jaw muscles.

I hear of so many senior cats that can’t eat properly because they don’t have the strength to chew. Not good. Get your cat a chew toy and brush his teeth.


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Francis Laceton said:

They make a chew toy with bristles that my cat loves and seems to do a good job of keeping the teeth healthy. Chloe, is 10 years old next month.

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