Cat furniture for your cat near the computer...

cat-computer-furniture.jpgHey, are you like me? Are you tired of your cat trying to dominate the space near your computer while you're working? Well finally someone has come up with a solution for people like you and me. It's called the Kit-In Box and it's a perch that is designed to be placed in an office space on top of a desk. The product is made by a company named The Refined Feline located in New York City and in my opinion is one of the smartest products made for cats in a long time.

From my own personal experience, my cat jumps up on my computer desk and tries to find a place to lay down. If there isn't a clear space on the desk for her, (which most of the time there isn't) she'll make her own spot on top of my important papers. Over time, this becomes a battle between you and your cat. In the end, I ended changing the way I work at my work station to accommodate my cat. Not good.

The Kit-In-Box has high sides and a comfortable cushion ideal for any desk hogging cat. The product comes in an array of colors to match most work spaces. The best part about this invention is that it keeps the loose cat hair away from my computers that I was constantly vacuuming away at home. If you work from home or do a considerable amount of work at home, this is the ideal product for you in my opinion.

The next product that The Refined Feline should make is the heated pad Kit-In-Box! My cat would love that. You can see this awesome product here.


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