Beware of Herbal Treatment for Cats


Herbal treatment for cats' illnesses seems like a good idea, but beware of the risks. The truth is, most herbal remedies sold for cats are formulated for dogs and are actually toxic to cats. Cats can become really sick or even die with prolonged use.

Pretty scary huh?

It seems that cats process toxins and chemicals very different than dogs do, so even if it says it is safe for cats, you need to look out for....


herbal treatments for cats that contain these ingredients. Some common ingredients that are safe for dogs but toxic to cats are:

Garlic - it can cause a rare form of anemia because it attacks a cats red blood cells.

Onions - can cause ulcers and irritation of the stomach.

Essential Oils - are too concentrated for cats and some contain phenols that can irritate a cat's skin and cause liver damage. Even if you use some essential oils for aromatherapy for yourself, you could be damaging your cat's health. Stop using them immediately - that goes for so called natural flea collars too - they work for dogs but just make cats sick.


If you are not sure about giving a herbal treatment for cats, talk to your vet or do a search for a certified vet who understands herbal treatments for cats at the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association


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